About Us


About KS Enterprises

Founded in 2022, K Sutton Enterprises, LLC. is an Atlanta based consulting firm that specalizes in web design, hosting, and political consulting.  Founder and President Kayamone Sutton founded K Sutton Enterprises, LLC. with the idea of combining digital marketing, web design, and political consulting into a complete marketing solution that will assist any person, business, corporation, or political campaign.


The goal of K Sutton Enterprises is to provide quality web design, web hosting and political consulting services to clients in need of a data-based strategic solution.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide our clients with winning results, whether it be a victory at the ballot box, or increased sales through their website.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to provide innovative business and political solutions to inspire 21st Century America!

  • Our Values

    We are committed to and serve our clients with honor, courage, and committment to ensure their success.


Our Results

At K Sutton Enterprises, LLC., we pride ourselves on the vast experience held by our staff and the growing list of clients that have been served over the years.  From political candidates to business and corporate websites, K Sutton Enterprises, LLC. has met the demands of the communities in which we serve.

As a Veteran owned and operated business our staff are held to the highest of standards and will ensure that the services we provide are of the same high standard and quality as would be expected of any veteran owned and operated business.

Number of qualified staff to serve our customers needs
Number of political campaigns worked by our staff
States Serving
We provide web and marketing services to all 50 United States

Our Values

Our core values guide everything we do.  They drive every decision we make that affect our customers, clients, community, and determine how we best serve you.

  • Honor

    We provide our clients and customers with the highest level of service. We ensure that all of our clients are served to the highest ethical standards, honesty, and with integrity. Your success is our responsibility!

  • Courage

    Courage is at the root of everything we do at K Sutton Enterprises, LLC. We strive to help our customers and clients understand their needs by identifying their strengths and limitations and providing world-class services that will help them succeed.

  • Committment

    We are committed to ensuring the success of all of our clients. By providing quality services at reliable prices and working tirelessly to ensure that your business or political campaign thrives and succeeds. Your success is our success!